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You may be wondering, how we review each site and have so much “inside information” on playing slot machines.  The truth is our staff of gambling experts and writers not only cover the online casino scene – they are players themselves.  Though interacting with each site and by playing each slot game reviewed here, we are able to bring you an accurate and unbiased opinion when it comes to ranking the top slot casinos on the internet.

When we create ratings and rankings for each online casino destination we look at the big picture – not just who offers the biggest bonuses or has the most players.  Each online casino is graded using a wide range of criteria such as software, ease of use, customer support, game variety, and options for making deposits and withdrawals.

Our expert staff makes sure that each slot machine casino online reviewed here has a proper license to do business as an online casino.  Because there are so many online casino jurisdictions it is best to leave this kind of thing to experts like us.  Unfortunately there are more than a few “fly by night” casino websites out there and we take great pride in bringing you information about the most reputable and honest online slot casinos.


Enjoy the Thrills and Joys of Online Slots

Slots are exciting and fun and perhaps most importantly, are easy to play. Anyone can enjoy slots and with all the different kinds of slots, you can very quickly find the perfect game for you. With online slots there are a number of casinos that offer these great games, so the most important thing is to find the casinos that give you the best payouts and offer the greatest bonuses.

With casinos like Jackpot City you have the ability to perfect your game and to play from the multitude of slots they have. There are also tournaments that you can choose to play for the chance to win a great deal of money and satisfy your competitive streak, but for those who are just starting out in online slots games, there are also free slots that you can play.

Make sure that you look for the most reputable online casinos, so that you can securely and fairly reap the rewards of your online slots games.

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Test Your Knowledge
• The Scenario:

San Francisco, California’s Charles Fey invented the first slots machine, then known as a “one-armed bandit,” in the late 1800s. The exact date is up for debate, but most believe it to be in 1887. His original design included five symbols that would rotate over a three-reel machine. The purpose of choosing five symbols was to replace poker cards in order to avoid having too many possible options as pay-outs or losses. This design worked well, but soon competitors found other ways to implement more of a poker style into the slot machine, and the “one-armed bandit” was replaced by various competitors.

• The Question:

What were the five original symbols Fey used in the “one-armed bandit?”

  • Heart, lion, spade, diamond, cherry
  • Heart, lion, cherry, tiger, gold nugget
  • Liberty Bell, horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts