When you’re looking to start playing slots online, there’s one thing that you need to take advantage of immediately: free money. And free money is exactly what you get when you know where to find the best slots bonuses available at the best online slots casinos on the internet.

There are deals you can find simply by searching for “slots bonuses” that simply amaze you. While just about any online casino will offer some sort of welcome bonus and attempt to keep you there with VIP offerings and loyalty bonuses, some places offer absurdly high slots bonuses. If you scour the internet you’re likely to find welcome bonuses that claim to reach anywhere from a hundred or two hundred dollars all the way up to $20,000 or so. You need to read the fine print in order to really know what the details are and whether you’ll get your money, but if you take the time to figure things out you can probably double your investment without much sweat. It’s important to note that some companies tailor their offerings based on different target audiences, so if you’re not a high-roller you’re probably not going to be able to take advantage of the $20,000 offer--it might require that you put in $10,000 first.

A great piece of this slots-bonus puzzle is that there are tons and tons of sites to play slots on. You can choose to join more than one site and take advantage of each one’s bonus. That means there is almost no limit to the amount of free cash you can get by perusing various sites for the best deals. If you get $10 free and can cash out at any time (check to make sure about this part of the deal), you can win a couple of games and then take that money and invest it in another website where you’ll earn a better return but requires a larger starting deposit. It takes some effort, but if you know the system, you can get plenty of free money without having to risk much of your own.

Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way. The internet slots machine casinos scene is a bit like the American Wild Wild West in the 1800s. If you’re willing to do your research and figure out where the best real estate opportunities are, you’ll be able to get a huge amount of free slots bonuses just for playing, which you want to do anyway. Happy hunting at the Vegas Online Casino offers free instant playing for users who wish to try out the site and play immediately. Using the site’s flash players, the casinos internet experience allows you to pick up your mouse and play within seconds.

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Test Your Knowledge
• The Scenario:

San Francisco, California’s Charles Fey invented the first slots machine, then known as a “one-armed bandit,” in the late 1800s. The exact date is up for debate, but most believe it to be in 1887. His original design included five symbols that would rotate over a three-reel machine. The purpose of choosing five symbols was to replace poker cards in order to avoid having too many possible options as pay-outs or losses. This design worked well, but soon competitors found other ways to implement more of a poker style into the slot machine, and the “one-armed bandit” was replaced by various competitors.

• The Question:

What were the five original symbols Fey used in the “one-armed bandit?”

  • Heart, lion, spade, diamond, cherry
  • Heart, lion, cherry, tiger, gold nugget
  • Liberty Bell, horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts