Did you know you can play online slot machines for real money? Did you know you can win real money playing online slots? Did you know you can play slots for real money, win real money, and do it using THEIR money? I know - that’s a lot of questions. I am going to give you some interesting answers.

Playing online slot machines is a fun way to enjoy yourself, without the hassles of getting dressed, getting in traffic, and finding the best casino or internet café in your area. You have your own choice of casinos, right there at home, online.

Do a search of the online casinos to find the slots you like best. Almost all online casinos give you the option to play slots for real money, or play for fun. Pick the “play for fun” option first, just to try out their games and see which one is your favorite. The casinos that have this option will either give you a starting balance of play money, usually $500.00 up to $5000.00 to play with. When that amount is gone, you will either change games or be told to see cashier. The cashier will usually have a "play for fun" or "play for real money” tab.

Now it’s time to get to the “real money free” part. These online casinos would much rather you play online slot machines for real money, of course. Wouldn’t you rather play online slots for real money? Check each casino you visit for their “promotions” tab or heading. There you will find offers of free chips, free spins, time limit play (you can play for up to 30 minutes on their money), and no deposit bonuses. This where the free money comes in. These promos or bonuses are real money the casino gives you to begin playing their slots for real money. Any money you make, over a certain amount is all yours to keep. If you hit a jackpot - it is yours - over a certain amount - be sure to read the promo directions. Wager lightly at first, to build your balance. You do not have stay on one slot machine for the duration of play, for money games or timed games. If your machine is not “alive“, switch to another one you like.

There is one more section to the “free money” part: If you make a deposit from your bank account or credit card, most casinos have a match bonus. This means that if you deposit a certain amount of money in your online casino account, that casino will match it and more, sometimes up to 500%. The amount depends on your deposit amount, but it is FREE MONEY.

Be sure to shop around for the best deals and, if you are in the USA, make sure your casino choice is allowed in USA play. Not all are. Now, go play slots for real money, online.


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Test Your Knowledge
• The Scenario:

San Francisco, California’s Charles Fey invented the first slots machine, then known as a “one-armed bandit,” in the late 1800s. The exact date is up for debate, but most believe it to be in 1887. His original design included five symbols that would rotate over a three-reel machine. The purpose of choosing five symbols was to replace poker cards in order to avoid having too many possible options as pay-outs or losses. This design worked well, but soon competitors found other ways to implement more of a poker style into the slot machine, and the “one-armed bandit” was replaced by various competitors.

• The Question:

What were the five original symbols Fey used in the “one-armed bandit?”

  • Heart, lion, spade, diamond, cherry
  • Heart, lion, cherry, tiger, gold nugget
  • Liberty Bell, horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts